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Smith Family Learning for Life High-School Prizes

Through our partnership with The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program, we awarded high-school prizes to six wonderful high-school girls: Aline Izere, Atoc Malou (for a second time!), Eevet Hasau, Heavenlee Charlton, Zahra Abbesi, Julia White. And because the group of applicants were so inspiring, we also have ‘honourable mention’ prizes to Bunyarra Robinson, Barin Azimi, Madison Newman and Akala Lawrence. Congratulations to all high-school prize winners. Continue reading to find out how these prizes will help their recipients.

“The Katrina Dawson Foundation Achievement Award will help me purchase school equipment throughout the year including books, textbooks and specialist equipment. I will also put it towards purchasing study materials for the HSC. The Prize will also go towards purchasing my summer school uniform and booking driving lessons. Thank you for assisting me with my school career through your financial support!”

“My goal is to get into the medical field after to become a doctor so that I can help people in my community access good healthcare. I need to work really hard and do well in my HSC to achieve this dream. This prize would allow me to buy a computer which would help me research and complete all my assignments. Having my own computer would give me the opportunity to spend more time on my tasks because the one I use; I share it with my other 4 siblings.”

“The money would help me with my learning this year so that I can get tutoring for chemistry, as this is the subject that I find the most difficult one.”

“This [money] will enable me to purchase school uniforms, books and equipment and supplies for my important extensive personal projects that are compulsory for certain subjects…as well as allow me to access HSC resources on the same level as my peers across the state.”

“I will be using this grant to gather school supplies and senior uniforms as I go into year 11, as I hope to reach my goals throughout the end of my high school life, and set me up for the future.”


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