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Meet The Smith Family KDF prize winners for 2022

Here is what some of the girls say about how the prize will help them:

“I would like to use the money to hire Math and English tutors to help with my studies in order to gain a high ATAR. The prize money will also enable me to afford UCAT practice books. It will also help me to donate to St Vincent's De Paul Society to provide some essential hygiene products to be placed in the care packages for people who need it.” (Dalal Alabdal)

“I will put the money towards a laptop to help me with my current and future learning. As I’m planning to go to university, it would be time-saving for me to have my laptop rather than borrowing from the school or my family’s.” (Elvein Ibrahim)

“Ever since the floods my family has struggled a lot. The prize will be used to help fund my laptop which I have been saving up for.” (Reyhaneh Akhlaghi)

“I want to go to university to study law, to help disadvantaged people. In addition I want to be a leader and helper for Sri Lankan and immigrant people in Australia. I will use the money to buy things for school and pay for excursions. I want to be free to concentrate to get the very best education I can and not be a stress to my family.” (Rineha Yogananthan)

“Winning this prize wouild be a fantastic opportunity to pursue my academic aspirations of receiving high grades, to one day become a lawyer. My family have had big financial difficulties [since 2021] and I would like to buy a laptop, as I share mine with my sisters. Everything begins with having the will to work hard, having self-confidence, and loving what you do.” (Rozallya Hasan)

“My plan is to complete my HSC exams and go to UNSW straight after school to study for a double degree. The Katrina Dawson prize money will allow me to dedicate more time and energy to excelling and working towards my goals. Having the support to buy supplies and acquire a better functioning laptop and school materials means that I can spend more time achieving than stressing and worrying.” (Samia Roshan)


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