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Partnership with The Smith Family

For the second year in a row, we have distributed small cash prizes to five deserving young girls through a partnership with The Smith Family’s ‘Learning for Life’ program. Consistent with our mission, we are looking for girls who demonstrate strong academic performance, show promise in community leadership, and for whom this financial support will make a meaningful difference. Thank you to The Smith Family and its Learning for Life team for all their help to make this happen. Set out below are some notes of thanks from the girls who were awarded the prizes.

I am deeply appreciative of the prize money as it was a massive help to me. I have used a portion of the money to purchase school supplies which will help boost my Year 12 education.” Janni

I am very VERY grateful for the generosity the Katrina Dawson Foundation has offered me, as it has not only made my schooling life easier, but it has also taken away some of the financial burden of school, from my mum.” Molly

Thank you Katrina Dawson Foundation and The Smith Family. This prize is supporting me to reach my ultimate goal for the future of playing rugby league or union for NSW and Australia.” Shenay

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