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Introducing 2017 Scholars

We are delighted to introduce Renee Ng and Lucy Schroeder - recipients of The Katrina Dawson Foundation’s 2017 scholarships to The Women’s College within The University of Sydney. We caught up with all of our KDF scholars at a recent lunch to celebrate the launch of a book by Dame Quentin Bryce, founding member of The Katrina Dawson Foundation.

Lucy Schroeder is an Aboriginal woman from the Darug people of the Sydney region. She was Academic Captain at her school in the Snowy Mountains, and is studying a combined Law/International and Global Studies degree. Lucy is passionate about issues such as justice, fairness and equality, and aspires towards a career in Human Rights. During her time at school, Lucy was engaged with the promotion of Indigenous issues, the eradication of misogynistic language in the culture of her school, and the encouragement of improved academic performance of students in Years 7-10. She is also a strong sportswoman, and played in the ACT State netball league, sometimes commuting up to 400km a week to do so. Lucy hopes that her time at The Women's College will help her " truly be someone who could have a positive influence on the world."

Lucy said recently, “The Katrina Dawson Foundation scholarship has opened so many opportunities to me that I would have otherwise never been able to experience. Waking up at the Women’s College every day elicits many “pinch me, I’m dreaming” moments and I find it difficult to articulate just how grateful and excited I am to be in this environment. The course of my life has been changed by this opportunity, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in the future.”

Renee Ng grew up in Kingscliff, on the NSW North Coast. She is studying Medical Science at the University of Sydney, and hopes to use her medical degree to work with Indigenous communities to improve their health outcomes by introducing new health initiatives. Renee has extensive experience in community leadership, including being School Captain, President of the school's Leo Club (a sponsored affiliate of the Lions Club) and winner of the Leo's Youth of the Year competition in 2016, as well as helping start a Meals on Wheels programme in her local area, and volunteering as a lifeguard. She was recognised in her school as someone who is very intelligent, with an "impeccable work ethic", and a "...leader both within and out of school." Her broader life aspirations include working overseas as a doctor to gain insight into the way health services are delivered in countries around the world and how we can use this information to deliver equal, quality care to developing countries where health standards are lower. Ultimately she would like to one day become a philanthropist and be able to work in the areas of education and health for children.

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