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2016 Fellowship Updates

This year we were delighted to support four new girls, in partnership with the Aurora Education Foundation, go on the International Study Tour. These girls are:

  • Claudia Paul: a Wiradjuri woman from South Australia, studying medicine with an aspiration to work in public health further down the track.

  • Nadine Rudkin: a Barkindji woman from Victoria, has a BA from the University of Melbourne, and is interested in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children and indigenous Australians.

  • Baringa Kukoyi: a Turrbal, Ningy Ningy and Gubbi Gubbi/Nigerian woman from Queensland, with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland. Baringa is interested in pursuing an MBA at universities such as Harvard, Oxford, LBS and Cambridge.

  • Emily Direen: a Palawa woman from Tasmania, a University Medallist from the University of Tasmania while undertaking her BA/Bachelor Fine Arts. Currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Melbourne.

From Emily after the tour: “The experience of the tour has been more special and eye-opening than I could ever have imagined, and I went into it thinking that it would be incredible. I feel like I now have all the information I need to make a decision about my future, and for that reason I’m incredibly grateful to the Katrina Dawson Foundation for funding me to go on the tour.

We also pleased to have updates from our 2015 Fellowship receipients:


I submitted my Honours thesis in Political Science recently and will be preparing to move to Melbourne for the Juris Doctor at Uni Melb when I get home. While in Brisbane, I volunteered at a community school, gave a lecture about Indigenous political action, organized a showing of 'Prison Songs' and worked with Dr Morgan Brigg to help organize and speak about Indigenous knowledge being incorporated into the academy.

If it wasn't for the tour, I would not have understood the reason for doing Honours (it opens the door to go into research). I felt more prepared for how challenging it would be after talking to everyone on the tour about their Honours year. There is an opportunity to apply for the Oxford BCL with the JD which means I could start halfway through my third year which I would like to do. I am very excited to start the JD.


This year has been a busy year for me as it has been my first year working as a doctor after completing my MD/MPH. I am currently finishing off my year as a junior doctor at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). This year I have had the great opportunity to work with Consultants at RMH, Surgeons and Physicians in rural Victoria, in Horsham and Wangaratta, as well as working with Obstetricians and Gynaecoligists at the Royal Womens Hospital. I had purposely chosen to see a broad range of experiences rather than just staying in Melbourne the whole year as I wanted to give myself more exposure to medicine and public health on a broader scale. Part of the reason for this is because I am really keen on applying for the Professional Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) at Harvard and during the study tour I was given some great advice to explore the different fields in medicine in order to focus in on my topic for the DrPH.

Next year I have been offered a job at the Royal Children's Hospital and so will be starting my first year of specialty training in Paediatrics. I'm really looking forward to 2017 as I believe Paediatrics will allow me to focus on my passion for preventative health and holistic healthcare. This I think will lead me one step closer to my goal of studying the DrPH in 2018.


"I have had a very successful 2016 to date, on the back of the learning undertaken at INSEAD late last year, I have not only been able to incorporate some of the theories into my day to day work and dealings with leadership and change management I have been able to build upon the course work with further studies through the Masters of Health Administration that I am undertaking through Flinders University. I am hoping to continue on my quest to study an MBA at Harvard in the future, the INSEAD course confirmed this direction and solidified my desires for my career path choices into the future. One of the key learning points I picked up during the INSEAD course was the power of networking, I am more aware of this as a tool for career development and I am now using and growing my networks more strategically with a clearer career end goal in sight".

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