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Macquarie Group paper plane flying fundraising competition

In May 2015, Macquarie Group hosted an amazing fundraising evening at their global headquarters in Martin Place, Sydney.

A paper plane flying competition was held in the building’s atrium to see who could fly their plane most successfully from the top floor to a ‘bullseye’ nine stories below. The evening was emceed by Andrew O’Keefe and was attended by the ‘real’ Paper Planes pilots (Dylan Parker and James Norton) and many people dressed up in different flying costumes. Incredibly, the event raised over $60,000 from Macquarie Group employees, and another $60,000 in corporate matching from the Macquarie Group Foundation.

We would like to thank our friends Sarah Stewart and Kelli Guerin who came up with idea and executed it brilliantly. We also want to thank Frank Kwok and Grant Smith for their support, and Kelli and Sarah’s wonderful team of helpers – Erin Piatek, Sophie King, Natalie Goydych, Kate French Blake and Jessica Rea – who put together a spectacular evening.

Click here to read more about this aerodynamic event or watch this video to learn more about this great event.

Please contact us at if you would like to host your own Paper Planes fundraising event in support of The Katrina Dawson Foundation.

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