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Smith Family Awards

We were very pleased to partner again with The Smith Family’s ‘Learning for Life’ program to distribute small cash prizes to six deserving young girls: Priya Collier-Caldwell, Summa-Lee Johnson, Maggie Khan, Tiarna Rowlatt, Kea Shooks and Jessica Tabone. Consistent with our mission, we are looking for girls who demonstrate strong academic performance, show promise in community leadership, and for whom this financial support will make a meaningful difference. Thank you to The Smith Family and its Learning for Life team for all their help to make this happen.

Quotes from some of this year’s recipients of Katrina Dawson Foundation prizes, given through The Smith Family Learning for Life Program:

“Firstly, I would like to thank everyone involved at The Smith Family and The Katrina Dawson Foundation in making this amazing prize a reality. It is with great appreciation and humility that I accept this prize, which I will use to further my studies well into the future. I am now one step closer to achieving my life-long goal of working for UNICEF and giving back to others like you have so wonderfully given to me.”

Tiarna Rowlatt

“…I am extremely grateful to be awarded the Katrina Dawson prize, as this will give me the financial freedom to continue on my chosen path of becoming a nurse.”

Summa-Lee Johnson

“The $500 will help me in my learning by providing the money to purchase a laptop. Using this laptop will help me immensely in school and push me further to achieving my dreams by making schoolwork possible and improving the quality of my work. I am very grateful for this opportunity to improve my learning and further my education.”

Maggie Khan

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