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The latest Smith Family Learning for Life High-School Prizes

“I will greatly benefit from this prize money as it will allow me to purchase items to create an effective study space for my HSC. Additionally, it would enable me to purchase additional resources to close the gap between me and other students such as a laptop or membership to HSC study lab. The Katrina Dawson Foundation will help me to be a positive role model to my family, community, and school and give me consistent access to the things I need for learning and make me continue working hard towards achieving a good ATAR. I am grateful that this prize money can break down those financial barriers that can at times limit my access to extracurricular school activities.”

- Samia

"I am so incredibly honoured and proud to be able to say I have achieved this prize from such an amazing foundation – The Katrina Dawson Foundation. The overall achievement of winning this prize has boosted my confidence in trying new things and pushed me to think more positively. I will be spending my prize on items that will help me with grade 11 in 2022. I would love to say such a very big thank you to The Smith Family for giving me this opportunity, and the Katrina Dawson Foundation as well."

- Lisa

"This prize will enable me to not feel the pressure of funds and the chance that not having enough of them will hold me back. It will allow me the opportunity to be able to purchase extra materials for my studies. So, I will use the money to buy whatever it takes for me to be a successful example to all those who know me."

- Casey

"I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to receive this funding and will make sure it is spent wisely."

- Nikita


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