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2023 Smith Family High School Prizes

We are proud to support the amazing work of The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program. The stories of candidates for the KDF prizes are so compelling that we have increased the value of prizes being awarded this year. Below, some of the 2023 prize recipients explain below what the prize means to them and how it will help their education.

“Firstly, I want to say thank you for the prize. It truly means a lot to me knowing that there are foundations that care for the outcome for young people. I will be using the prize money towards mathematics tutoring, as this is an area that I need support in and is beneficial for my career objectives…to enable me to undertake my career goal to become a speech pathologist and support others to have a voice and achieve their excellence also.”

“The Katrina Dawson prize would allow me to buy my own laptop for my senior years of study. Currently, our family of seven shares one laptop in a shared space.”

“I am really grateful to be one of the winners of the Katrina Dawson Foundation high-school prize. With these funds I plan to invest in additional study resources and tutoring services to help me achieve better grades. Furthermore, your support extends beyond just me; it positively affects my family as well. They have five children attending school, and your contribution eases the financial fees of school supplies. Your kindness is not only a gift to me but to my entire family, and we are thankful.”

“The prize will make a big difference in my learning journey this year. It will provide essential financial support and open doors for my personal and academic growth. Moreover, it will allow me to invest in myself, like getting a laptop. Currently, I have to share a laptop with five siblings, and being the youngest means I am often the last in line to use it. This situation has negatively affected my school performance. Having my own laptop would mean a lot to me and significantly improve my educational experience.”

“Winning the Katrina Dawson high-school prize will be a huge help for me in terms of tutoring. With the additional funds I can seek out tutors, especially in challenging subjects such as Chemistry and Maths Advanced, having a tutor by my side will help me grasp difficult concepts more effectively. This will ultimately boost my confidence, improve my grades and set me up for success in my educational journey.”


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