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Hear what the KDF scholarships mean to the students at Women's

“Having the KDF scholarship and being at Women’s these last two years has completely changed my experience of university- especially university during COVID! I’ve made the most wonderful friends that I’ve ever had – intelligent, witty, kind young women – and become a part of a community the likes of which I didn’t even know existed. I can’t even begin to properly express how grateful I am for the scholarship and all that it has offered and continues to offer me – all I can say is that’s it’s a gratitude beyond words.”

Amy Cooper (2020)

“I am always astounded by the generosity of the Katrina Dawson Foundation and their person-centred approach to giving. After leaving Sydney for 18 months due to the pandemic, the KDF scholarship allowed me to return to resume my University studies and gave me a lovely place to live. Their flexibility and understanding makes all the difference in the world!”

Clara Rudd (2018)

"The Katrina Dawson Foundation Scholarship has made a difference to my life in so many ways over the past four years. As a regional student, the diverse support provided has created opportunities, which would never have been a possibility otherwise. As a KDF scholar I am so thankful and proud to be part of such an enabling initiative for women."

Bella Harris (2018)

“Attending The Women’s College changed my life trajectory in the most brilliant of ways. The past two years have been filled with many moments in which I’ve been able to flourish. However, I would simply not have arrived at such incredible opportunities to lead, to grow and to challenge myself if it were not for the Katrina Dawson scholarship. I am so honoured to be a KDF scholarship recipient and a very proud Women's student. To say I am excited for the opening doors and unfolding paths ahead would be an incredible understatement - thank you!”

Hannah Heading (2020)

"The Katrina Dawson Foundation's has not only supported me financially, but also provided me with a sense of belonging and security, allowing me to fully indulge in what college has to offer. Their support has allowed me to meet new people and has brought about opportunities that I never thought would come my way ."

Georgina (2021)

“The Katrina Dawson Foundation scholarship has been integral to enabling me to move from Port Macquarie to Sydney to pursue a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. As a result of the financial aid and support network, I have also had the freedom to continue playing soccer simultaneously with my studies; both in top quality institutions that I had not previously had access to. As a regional student, the Women’s College has become a family and community away from home that not only provides emotional support, but also the academic support to achieve a high standard of results in my studies, through academic assistants and tutorial programs. I will be forever grateful to both the Katrina Dawson Foundation and the Women’s College for the opportunities this scholarship has provided, and I am excited for what my future at The Women’s College holds.”

Hanna Jones (2021)

“I moved from Perth at the beginning of 2021 to study Wildlife Conservation at the University of Sydney and Taronga Zoo. Without the support of the Katrina Dawson Foundation, this move would not have been possible for me. I am incredibly grateful to the Foundation for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams.”

Leilah Warlik (2021)

"The Katrina Dawson Foundation and Scholarship has not only provided me the privilege to attend Women's, but also given me the opportunity to meet and live with incredible women. Knowing that so many amazing people are behind the Foundation inspires me to make the most of every opportunity and give everything a go."

Molly Tuit (2021)


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