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The Smith Family Learning for Life Partnership

We continue our partnership with The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program, and are thrilled to announce that this year we will be awarding prizes to six talented high-school girls. Congratulations to: Amuor Malou, Atoc Malou, Benafsha Rezaie, Nora El Sayed, Tahlia Williams and Tiarna Rowlatt (who wins this award for the second time!). Read more about these girls and how the prize money will help them.

“First off, I would like to thank all the supporters of The Katrina Dawson Foundation for providing me with this awesome opportunity! The $500 prize will help me pay off my current school fees, and my fees for the school I will be attending next year. I will also pay for school equipment and for school excursions.”

Amuor Malou

“Thank you for awarding me a winner of the Katrina Dawson Foundation. I appreciate your investment in my education. The $500 prize will be a great asset to my transition into year 11. The money will allow me to pay off my current school fees as well as those for next year. It will give me peace of mind knowing that I can purchase much need school equipment for next year.”

Atoc Malou

“Firstly, I would like to acknowledge for the opportunity to receive this prize. The prize money will support my learning this year by allowing me to purchase a printer or electronic equipment so I can print my assessments at home instead of having to go to the local library. Any left over money I would spend on buy school equipment such

as books, stationary and also school fees.”

Benafsha Rezaie

“I am fortunate to have the pleasure of receiving the prize money to improve my school learning! The money will be used for paying my Korean Continuers HSC Course via NSW School of Languages Distance Education. The remaining amount will allow me to transition into my senior school uniform for next year and to purchase new and improved resources! A special thank you to The Katrina Dawson Foundation for allowing me this opportunity.”

Nora El Sayed

“The prize money will help me with my learning by putting it towards getting a tutor and updating my laptop. Next year I am intending on studying physics so a tutor will be a huge help. My laptop is getting quite slow and is due for an update so this money can go towards that.”

Tahlia Williams

“Firstly, thank you very much for the opportunity to apply and secondly, for selecting me as a recipient. I’m planning to attend University in 2021 and hopefully in the faculty of Law. I know I am required to buy several expensive textbooks. The prize will be invaluable towards this and I hope I make Katrina proud. Many thanks.”

Tiarna Rowlatt

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