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Hear from our KDF girls

We asked each KDF Scholar to tell us what the KDF scholarship has meant to them, and were touched by their thoughtful and personal responses.

“The Katrina Dawson Foundation is a powerful recognition of my potential. Becoming a Scholar has inspired me to continually give back to college and my community, extend myself at university and to take a courageous leap in studying abroad; it’s a reminder to be brave, determined and passionate about everything I do.”

Emily Graetz (2019 KDF Scholar)

“You can’t choose family, but sometimes you are lucky enough to be chosen by one who provide you with remarkable support and care, as if you were their own.”

Alex Berry (2019 KDF Scholar)

“Through KDF mentoring, I’ve been able to attend events and talks in Sydney that have given me insight into the brilliant women who are leading in their chosen fields. My amazing mentor has inspired me to think about all of the possibilities for my future career in the Medical and Health area.”

Clara Rudd (2018 KDF Scholar)

“Being born and raised in a small country town, I know first-hand the value of community, built through connecting with people and supporting each other. The Katrina Dawson Foundation’s scholarship program at The Women’s College has allowed me to build relationships with a community of strong women in my peers and mentors and to learn from them whilst also being given the opportunity to study my passion of architecture. I hold close the Dawson family, who through their belief in me, have made a difference to my life. Their work through the Foundation continues to inspire me to look for ways to make a difference to our community, through humanitarian architecture, mentoring and interactions with others.”

Isabella Harris (2018 KDF Scholar)

“The Katrina Dawson Foundation introduced me to the Aurora Project, giving me the opportunity to intern with the National Justice Project this year. As an Aboriginal woman working towards justice for Aboriginal people, I discovered legal work I am passionate about, and I am now inspired to pursue a career in this.”

Lucy Schroeder (2017 KDF Scholar)

“Through the connections I have made from the KDF scholarship, I am always inspired to remain ambitious. My KDF mentor goes above and beyond in ensuring that I feel encouraged and supported.”

Renee Ng (2017 KDF Scholar)

“As a KDF Scholar, I have been lifted up by women who expect a lot of the world and of me. Our collective courage, intellect and pride reminds me not to settle but to work hard for what I know I can achieve.”

Kate Field (2016 KDF Scholar)

“I did not know how to pursue my interest in media until the KDF program exposed me to work experience at a public relations firm. It has been thrilling to see business, politics and the media interact in this work. I have also learned specialised research techniques and observed the development of client advice. The experience has defined my career ambitions and given me confidence to pursue them.”

Catherine Priestley (2016 KDF Scholar)

“My KDF experience empowered me with a hope that I took beyond college, Sydney and even Australia. And I continually thank Katrina for showing me what it means to live a life filled with intellect, kindness, authenticity and love. It's not just a privilege to be part of her legacy - I keep it close to my heart with endless gratitude and pride.”

Angie Lu (2016 KDF Scholar)

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